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Sara and Daniel Kwon are a husband and wife team based in Vancouver B.C. Canada. They specialize in:  Digital Portraits  |  Illustrated animations  |  Gif Collections

At Swon Studios, they create engaging social media content that is informative, fun and sets your brand apart from other competitors. 


How did it all start?

Sara decided to purchase an IPad Pro along with an Apple pen and started illustrating. Dan looked at Sara's illustrations and said, "What if we animated that?" and that's how Swon Studios quickly became more than a fun project.

We have worked with various clients like Kora Organics, Soap and Glory, Nails INC, Love Crunch, BYBI Beauty and many more.  

Fun Fact: 

Why "SWON?"

Our friends combined our names like "Brangelina." 

Dan goes by Kwon because his Best Friend's name is Dan as well. 

"S" is for Sara and "WON" is for Dan's last name (Kwon). 

Swon Studios was born.

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